Combat stretch marks on your skin

Here we are going to explain you how to prevent undesirable stretch marks are formed as a result of increased weight. Adults have about two square meters of skin, but when they become pregnant or gain weight quickly for another reason, the number is increased considerably.

The increment of kilos is not only embarrassing by the difficulty of fastening pants. Due to the rapid stretching of the skin, stretch marks can occur. These brands are among the most unwanted skin problems. Unlike acne scars or wrinkles, are extremely difficult to remove, although surgical methods are used.

A dermatologist explains that each person has three layers of skin, the epidermis (outer layer), dermis (middle layer) and deeper. Stretch marks affect the dermis. If they were formed in the outer layer then they would not be as difficult to treat.

Depending on your skin tone, stretch marks start as streaks of pink, reddish brown or dark brown. Over time, they become clearer, even white.

These marks can appear anywhere on the body where the skin is stretched a lot, usually as a result of weight gain. Imagine that you blow up a balloon and then deflate. Although it again to inflate, you’ll notice that it has lost some of its elasticity and will never look exactly as before.

The same goes with the flutes. They never go away completely even with the latest cosmetic and surgical procedures like laser peel. That itself may be obscured to a large extent by applying self-tanner.

In any case, the best prevention is to take care not to gain weight at once. However, there are situations where it is impossible to avoid, as in the case of pregnancy. From 75 to 90 percent of pregnant women ends up with streaks. Something similar can happen to bodybuilders to increase volume and even the teenagers growing up suddenly.