Eliminating cellulite

Cellulite responds to multiple factors such as hormonal factors, stress level, physical constitution, genetic inheritance, diet, etc. This means that to reduce or eliminate cellulite you should ideally go to your doctor or specialist to see your case.

Although we said that each case is different you can try these tips, tricks and general advice:

Cellulite Massage: Massaging the skin five minutes (no oil or cream) with a massage brush or mitt to get the skin to turn a bit reddish. With this we look for to activate our bodies and especially our lymphatic system. The massage should be in a circular motion. At the end we will apply a bit of pressure with our hands, and a suitable oil to remove cellulite.

Within the tips or tricks to get rid of cellulite you cannot neglect to use a mixture of jojoba oil, apricot kernel, wheat germ, essences of rosemary and mint. In your herbalist or pharmacy you can supply the ingredients and dosage as specified in each case.

One favorite trick of many people is hydrotherapy or use of hot and cold water for therapeutic purposes.

After the morning shower you should apply a cold water on the legs, thighs and buttocks (right side first and then the left side). Repeat the procedure with hot water and finish with another application of cold water.

With this treatment we get hot and cold water stimulate the circulation, both blood and lymphatic, activating at the same time our metabolism.

To remove cellulite you just have to start eating healthier: change the milk cow for vegetable milk, eliminating fried foods or foods with saturated fats, quitting snuff and coffee, increased consumption of grains, vegetables, fruits, seeds, seaweed and whole grains.