How does cellulite appear and how to eliminate it with Revitol cream?

Many women around the world are affected by this cosmetic issue. Cellulite is a disease that affects the subcutaneous tissue. It is not exclusive of overweighed people, since thin people also are affected by it. Although cellulite does not endanger the health, it constitutes an annoying aesthetic problem. It modifies the natural shape of the body and undermines the self-esteem. Revitol professional team has been working hard to develop a formula that attacks the source of the problem. To understand how this treatment works, it is important to comprehend the main causes that trigger this disease.

How does cellulite appear?

Skin has three main layers. The epidermis is the external layer. The second layer is the dermis which contains the blood vessels, nerve endings and sweat glands. The third layer is the hypodermis. This last layer is mainly constituted by cells that store fat, known as adipocytes. Their main role is to regulate the body temperature and to cushion possible external impacts.

When the fat storage exceeds the use of such deposits, there is an increment of body size. The size of the adipocytes is increased and they push the skin creating small bumps. Such nodulations are perceptible as an appearance of orange skin.

Cellulite appears due to blood flow deficiencies and due to hormonal activation. Genetic inheritance and a sedentary lifestyle also constitute determining factors. The lack of physical activity worsens the situation. Physical activity activates blood circulation and the metabolism of fat cells. There are many types of cellulites. The general type is very frequent in overweighed women with unhealthy eating habits. It normally appears since childhood, and becomes more noxious as the woman ages.

The second type is the localized cellulite. It is normally accompanied by intense pain. It usually appears in buttocks, abdomen, lower back, inner part of the arms, ankles and under the armpits. It can affect women with ages in the interval from sixteen to twenty years of age. However, Revitol cream can eliminate it naturally at home.

The soft cellulite creates a flaccid aspect on the skin. It causes weakness and a permanent fatigue which can lead to more imbalances. The edematous cellulitis is characterized by high levels of liquid retention. It is more frequent on young women and teenagers. People affected by this kind of cellulite tend to swell and become fat until they have this perfectly straight appearance. All these types of cellulite are treatable with the specialized formula of Revitol.

Eliminate the source of cellulite with Revitol cream

Revitol cream helps to even the texture of skin. The most important ingredient of this topic product is the caffeine. Scientific studies reveal that high levels of caffeine reduce the presence of cellulitis. But such element should be directly applied on the affected area so it can work properly.

Retinol A is another important component of Revitol cream. It is obtained from vitamin A and reinvigorates skin. Connective tissues are repaired with the assistance of this compound. The skin recovers its natural elasticity due to the increment of the production of collagen promoted by Retinol A. Capsicum extract, another component of Revitol topic product, has the capacity to increase blood flow. In this way, this element prevents the excessive accumulation of fat on the inner skin layers.