How to properly exfoliate the skin

Our skin cells need about twenty six days to reach the surface; once they are unpinned the cycle starts all over again. With the pass of the years this process slows down, thickening the stratum and preventing living cells get the proper supply of oxygen and nutrients, and hampering the effectiveness of cosmetic products applied. Through exfoliation you can get healthier skin and soft to touch, to be oxygenated, making it vibrant.

Exfoliation renews your skin, becoming more luminous, fresh and youthful. A properly care promotes a durable skin tan and makes the application of treatments more effective, because the skin is more receptive to assimilate, either face or body, cellulite, moisturizing, firming, wrinkle … The makeup also looks more natural on a smooth, no rough spots.

But most importantly, the peel is beneficial for our skin, because it reduces the size of the pores and prevents impurities.

Cosmetic firms offer multiple products to exfoliate the skin at different prices. The best known are gels and creams that include enzymes and exfoliating beads that remove tiny impurities and roughness. However, studies at the prestigious Sony CP Japanese cosmetics firm has shown that, an improperly exfoliation makes the skin to age faster, so you should make appropriate use of these products.

Today, cosmetic industries offer a wide range of products that allow us to exfoliate the skin without leaving home, getting similar results to professionals, but it is important to choose the right one to get the best results.

We must discard the peel if our skin has sores or irritations, is very sensitive or reactive, after suffering a herpes simplex, it can lead to recurrence.