Natural peeling: gift for our skin

The peeling is a gift we give to our skin from time to time. The skin accumulates impurities, dirt and dead cells which are not completely removed with a daily shower, so it is necessary to apply a skin peeling in depth.

Several techniques exist to make a peel. This time we will learn some recipes to make a natural peeling. We can do them at home and they are very economical.

  • Natural sand peeling: If we are to spend the day at the beach we can use sand to give to our skin a peeling. Gently rub the sand by our body, which is still wet, for a few minutes. After that we take a bath in the sea and our skin will look luminous.
  • Peeling of flour and salt: Mix in a cup water, flour, iodized salt and hand cream. The amounts will depend on whether we will make a total peeling or just for the face. We apply the resulting paste on the skin and leave it on for a few minutes, then massaged in a circular motion and remove with water.
  • Peeling of natural bath gel: We mix the gel with fine salt bath and with the mixture we gently massage the body. Rinse with water.
  • Another recipe for our peeling: olive oil with lemon juice and sugar.
  • Peeling of yogurt with salt: Mix yogurt with some salt. Once applied massage gently,  to finish remove it with water.

You must use a natural peeling depending on the type of skin you have, it will determine if you must do it with more or less frequency. A dry skin is enough to once a week, however, an oily skin peels need two or three per week.