Skin spots

There is no single reason for the dreaded appearance of spots because there are several reasons why may appear stains on the skin.

  • Sometimes the cause for the occurrence of stains can be drugs or even some kind of cream or perfume that is suitable for your skin type.
  • Sunlight also has its share of blame, but we must not think that it only affects us in the summer. Throughout the year our body is exposed to sunlight and should always use some protection.
  • During pregnancy, menopause or hormonal changes there are also common stains on the skin, and, of course, after a certain age it is easier to observe some brown spots on our hands and face.
  • Sometimes the appearance of spots is due to some illness.
  • A deficiency in calcium, vitamin A, B and E or iron excess or iron deficiency also helps to the emergence of the spots.
  • Women have more tendency than men to suffer from this problem.

There are different types of spots: small brown spots that appear to us in the face and the back of the hands can be of different types.

  • Melasma or chloasma: it appears on the cheeks, forehead and upper lip. These spots become darker in summer and fade during the winter.
  • Solar lentigines: it appears especially on the back of the hands and sometimes in the face, and it does not change color. The lentigines appear from forty years of age. This type of stain is due to the sun we’ve been taking all our lives.
  • Vitiligo: it is a white spot caused by the loss of pigmentation in the skin and its appearance is due to different causes (thyroid problems, autoimmune, etc.).
  • Reasons varied: in addition to those described there are also moles, freckles and birthmarks.