Smooth and young skin with Revitol exfoliator

Skin cells are constantly suffering the environmental aggression. The UV rays and the pollution gradually trigger the emergence of marks and pimples on face. It can be easily prevented with the appropriate care. Revitol exfoliator has been especially designed to restore the beauty and youthfulness of your skin. Its natural ingredients provide the required assistance to regenerate skin cells.

Smooth and young skin with only one effective treatment

Skin spontaneously renews itself every twenty eight days. At the end of this cycle, dead cells are naturally detached from the outer layer of the epidermis. These cells are replaced by new and perfectly healthy cells. However, as the time passes and due to stress and fatigue, this process of renewal takes longer. As a result, skin begins to show poor oxygenation and dryness. If dead cells are not replaced, the skin wilts and looks aged and dull.

That is why it is fundamental to supplement the cleansing, moisturizing and protection of the skin with an exfoliation on a weekly basis. It requires the assistance of a product that removes dead cells to give place to a natural cellular renewal of the dermis. Exfoliation ensures an effective regeneration. It stimulates cellular oxygenation. Besides, skin becomes more permeable and ready to absorb active ingredients and nutrients of rejuvenating and moisturizing products.

Revitol exfoliator promotes this process of cells regeneration without producing irritation. It has a hypoallergenic formula. On the other hand, its components work to hydrate skin. This treatment can be used on different types of skin. All that is required is the regular application of the product for at least once every week. It should be applied by means of ascending circular massages. After the application, remove any residue with plenty of water.

Give your skin a healthy care with Revitol exfoliator

Oats are the main active natural ingredient of Revitol exfoliator. This component provides a powerful cleansing solution. This is one of the greatest benefits for the skin, as the oats absorb all the dirt and debris that is accumulated on the pores of the skin. This component also takes care of the structure of the skin in a natural way and maintains its pH. These benefits are possible because of the high concentration of proteins found on the oats.

Furthermore, oats have a great content of lipids and water-absorbing substances. These elements make oats ideal to prevent dehydration of the skin. In this way, cells are protected from external aggression while maintaining a protective barrier.

The combination of all the features of oats makes them ideal to remove dead cells and impurities from skin such as pimples. Another benefit provided by Revitol exfoliator through its main active ingredient, is that it treats and diminishes the signs of acne. It is possible because the production of sebum is controlled.

The soothing effect of the main component of Revitol exfoliator makes it widely used in cases of skin irritations. It can also be used for conditions such as itching, eczema, hives or dermatitis. It reduces the irritation and counteracts the damages caused to the tissue by these conditions. Just Revitol exfoliator can provide your skin so much healthy assistance.