Taking care of skin to prevent aging

Aging is a natural process and nothing can be done to stop it. However on the issue of skin various anti-aging changes can be implemented and aging can be easily controlled and even reversed.

There are several factors that cause skin damage and they include environmental pollution and exposure to excessive sunlight, declining hormones, smoking, and lack of nutrients in the diets. A major factor that causes skin aging is the presence of free radicals that are present in the dust, dirt and grime that exists in the environment. They can also be produced by our body, due to the regular application of products that use chemicals on our skin as creams; lotions also contribute to skin aging.

There are some methods that we can use in order to avoid skin aging. Be sure to include antioxidants in your daily diet to combat the effects of free radicals. Eating foods rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, such as melon or spinach and eat lean protein like fish, chicken and eggs. Regular exercise to keep firm body skin, and keep a good metabolism, also a good night’s sleep helps the skin to repair at night.

It is important to keep skin clean and apply a moisturizer toning to your skin on a regular basis, apply a good anti-aging cream that contains antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E.

The natural measures against aging, help prevent further damage to the skin, it is important that you complement a good treatment for skin care with an anti-aging cream to help restore skin firmness nutrients, preventing lines and wrinkles in the skin, especially on the face around the eyes and lips.